Video to DVD & USB Transfer

It's time to declutter and get all those videotapes transferred onto DVD, or USB as mp4 computer files, ... before they deteriorate and you lose all your precious memories.
We transfer formats including VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, MiniDV, Video8, Hi8, Digital 8, HDV, MicroMV, Betamax AND miniDVD, camcorder drives, flash drives & memory cards

Video to DVD or USB Transfer

VHS tapes


We transfer all types of VHS to DVD or USB stick including VHS tapes recorded in the American format – NTSC. VHS tapes are usually a maximum of 3 hours although you can get up to 8 hours on a tape in LongPlay mode.

Cost: £15 for up to 2 hours.
With discount for quantity.
We can also transfer your VHS tapes to computer files on a USB memory stick for you to edit yourself.

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MiniDV tapes


We transfer MiniDV tapes to DVD or USB stick and DVCAM tapes. MiniDV is a camcorder tape. We also transfer DVCAM which is a pro format (inc. large format tapes) and HDV. Tapes are typically 60 minutes.

Cost: £15 for up to 2 hours.
With discount for quantity.
Also available for transfer as computer files on a USB stick.

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Video8 tapes

Video8, Hi8, Digital8

We transfer Video 8 to DVD, Hi-8 to DVD and Digital8 to DVD and to USB stick. Sometimes called 8mm this was a format that was used in camcorders. Tapes are usually 90 minutes but can be upto 2 hours long

Cost: £15 for up to 2 hours.
With discount for quantity.
Also available for transfer as computer files on a USB stick.

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Other Formats

Video Services

We can also transfer Betamax tapes, Betacam tapes, MiniDVD discs, microMV tapes & Memory Cards

Video Services

Other Video Services

We provide a whole range of video and DVD services including a filming service for Web Video or Live Event Filming, Cine Film to DVD, DVD/CD Duplication, Slides to DVD, Tape RepairandCassette/Reel to Reel Audio tapes. More information on all services can be found at

Our Services

Simple Service

A straightforward transfer of your video to DVD. The DVD will have a Basic menu. Please note there is NO editing included on this service.
Price £15 per tape for the first 2 hours.
-includes free DVD library case
-includes free title printed on disc
-discount for quantity
Add £5 if tape is over 2 hours (2 discs).
Your tapes can also be transferred to editable computer files & supplied on a memory stick for playing or for you to edit yourself.

Premium Service

With the Premium service your video is transferred to computer first. We do some basic editing and tidying up, chapter points and a personalised menu are then added before copying to DVD. Please note this is not as comprehensive as our editing service.
Prices from £45 per 2 hours on a tape.
-includes free DVD library case
-includes free title printed on disc.
Your tapes can also be transferred to editable computer files for you to edit yourself.

Save money

We offer a discount for larger quantities of tapes.

5-10 tapes - 5% (£14.25 each)

11-20 tapes - 10% (£13.50 each)

20+ tapes - 20% (£12.00 each)

Extra DVD/USB Copies

Why not get extra copies of your Video to DVD or Video to USB transfers? Handy for other family members or for a backup of your precious memories.
Extra copies of your DVDs are only £5 per DVD. Extra copies of USB sticks are £10 inc stick

DVD/USB Packaging

We have a number of options for packaging your transfers. Each DVD comes in a standard DVD library case at no extra charge. We use multiple DVD cases where applicable.
Each DVD is printed with a title of your choice. Customised case sleeves are available from £1.50. USB Sticks come in a plastic USB case.

Computer Files

We can transfer your tapes to editable computer files and supply on our USB memory sticks or on your own sticks or drive. We normally transfer to mp4 files, or to any file format you require. Cost is £15 per tape. USB Sticks are extra (currently £8 for 32gb) or you can supply your own.

Our Terms

  • For optimum quality we put a maximum of 2 hours onto 1 DVD. This means a full 3 hour (E180) VHS tape will be split over two DVDs.
  • Payment can be made by credit/debit card, PayPal, cheque (payable to Videopoint) or cash.
  • We cannot copy films, TV programmes or other tapes you do not have permission to copy.
  • We reserve the right not to transfer a tape for any reason, whether it is due, in our opinion, to the condition of the tape, the content or doubt that you have permission.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, payment for any of these services is upon completion of the work.
  • Once we have supplied your DVD(s) we do not keep any copies. Any additional copies required after conversion will therefore be charged at the full conversion/duplication rates. Cine film master files are kept on the computer for two weeks.
  • We take the greatest care of your tapes, however any liability for damage or loss of materials or content which may occur during the conversion process will be limited to the replacement of the blank media, howsoever caused. We do not accept any liability for the contents within the recording.


Here are some answers to questions we are often asked. If your question is not here contact us using the Contact Form below

You can bring them to our office in Maidstone or you can post them to us. If delivering tapes please call beforehand to ensure someone is in the office. Contact details are in our Contact Us section. You can download an orderform here

You can pay by cash, card, PayPal, bank transfer or cheque.
We prefer card payments.
If sending tapes by post we ask you not to send payment with your order unless agreed in advance. We will send you a link to pay online, a PayPal invoice or take card details over the phone.

The quality of the transfer depends on the quality of the original tape. There will be no discernible difference in quality. For optimum quality we put a maximum of 2 hours onto 1 DVD. This means a full 3 hour (E180) VHS tape will be split over two DVDs.

Not on the basic service. On the Premium service we can try and improve the audio level and apply video noise filters however we cannot absolutely guarantee any improvement

Not sure what is on your tapes? We can go through your tapes prior to transfer to let you know exactly how much the transfer will cost. If you decide not to go ahead there is a £25.00 charge for the review service. If you do go ahead the service is FREE

It depends on the quantity of tapes you want transferred and the service you require. On the Basic Service single tapes are normally done within 24 hours. The Premium Service can take up to two weeks.

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