Video8, Hi8 & Digital8 Tapes

Video8 tapes

Video8 tape compared to VHS

Video8 (or 8mm) tape was introduced in 1985 These were the most popular consumer camcorder tapes through the 90s due to their small form factor and high quality. Typically tapes can hold between 30minutes and two hours or more if recorded in LongPlay. The three formats are physically very similar, featuring both the same tape width and near-identical cassette shells.

Cost to transfer Video8 to DVD:(basic service)

1 x Video8 tape (upto 2 hours) onto 1 DVD £15.00

2 x Video8 tapes (upto 2 hours total) on to 1 DVD £20.00

Two hours on a DVD is the optimum quality. It is possible to transfer 3 or 4 hours onto a single DVD but we have to reduce the quality to do so.

Save money by adding extra tapes onto one DVD.

If you have a number of short tapes and you dont mind having them all on one DVD we only charge £5.00 per extra tape added to the DVD. For example if you have 3 tapes of, say, 30 minutes each the cost to transfer(basic service) to DVD would be £25.00 ie £15.00 +£5.00 + £5.00.


Each DVD is printed with a title of your choice or we use what is on your tape label. Each DVD comes in a standard DVD case. Customised case inserts are available. Cost depends on what you require.

Extra Copies

Have extra copies of your transfer. Prices are from £5.00 each per disc for up to 5 copies. Discounts available for more than 5.

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