Mini-DV Tapes

MiniDV tapes

MiniDV compared to VHS

Introduced in 1998 as a joint effort between leading manufacturers of camcorders. This is a digital format. Typically tapes can hold 1 hour of video recorded in standard play or 90mins in longplay. Tapes were later introduced that could hold 80 minutes in SP and 120 minutes in LP. A later variant is HDV which is a High Definition version for HDV camcorders.

Cost to transfer MiniDV to DVD:(basic service)

1 x MiniDV tape (upto 2 hours) onto 1 DVD £15.00

2 x MiniDV tapes (upto 2 hours total) on to 1 DVD £20.00

Two hours on a DVD is the optimum quality. It is possible to transfer 3 or 4 hours onto a single DVD but we have to reduce the quality to do so.

For the professional user - We can also transfer MiniDV tapes recorded in DVCAM format and large format DV tapes

Save money by adding extra tapes onto one DVD.

If you have a number of short tapes and you dont mind having them all on one DVD we only charge £5.00 per extra tape added to the DVD. For example if you have 3 tapes of, say, 30 minutes each the cost to transfer(basic service) to DVD would be £25.00 ie £15.00 +£5.00 + £5.00.


Each DVD is printed with a title of your choice or we use what is on your tape label. Each DVD comes in a standard DVD case. Customised case inserts are available. Cost depends on what you require.

Extra Copies

Have extra copies of your transfer. Prices are from £5.00 each per disc for up to 5 copies. Discounts available for more than 5.

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