MiniDV to DVD/USB Transfer

including DVCAM & HDV tapes

MiniDV tapes

MiniDV compared to VHS

Introduced in 1998 as a joint effort between leading manufacturers of camcorders. This is a digital format. Typically tapes can hold 1 hour of video recorded in standard play or 90mins in longplay. Tapes were later introduced that could hold 80 minutes in SP and 120 minutes in LP.
A later variant is HDV which is a High Definition version for HDV camcorders.
DVCAM is a professional format with tapes up to 184 minutes.

Cost to transfer MiniDV:(basic service)

Convert MiniDV to DVD

£15.00 per tape (upto 2 hours) onto 1 DVD

£20.00 per tape 2-4 hours onto 2 DVDs

-includes free DVD library case

-includes free title printed on disc

-discount for quantity

Convert MiniDV to computer file

£15.00 per tape (upto 2 hours) to mp4

£20.00 per tape 2-4 hours to mp4

*memory sticks extra (see below)

Convert MiniDV to DVD & computer file (mp4)

£20.00 per tape (upto 2 hours)

£25.00 per tape 2-4 hours

-includes free DVD library case

-includes free title printed on disc

*memory sticks extra (see below)

To get a rough idea of the cost of your transfer you can use our online calculator

Memory Sticks

We use 32gb branded USB sticks which cost £8 each. We can get about 15 hours onto 1 memory stick. You are welcome to supply your own memory sticks or portable hard drive.

Extra Copies

Have extra copies of your transfer. Prices are from £5.00 each per disc for up to 5 copies. Discounts available for more than 5 DVD copies.

Extra copies of your USB sticks are £10 including the stick.

Premium Service

With the Premium service your video is transferred to computer first. We do some basic editing and tidying up, chapter points and a personalised menu are then added before copying to DVD. Please note this is not as comprehensive as our editing service. Prices from £45 per 2 hours on a disc.


Two hours on a DVD is the optimum quality. Tapes with more than 2 hours of content are copied to 2 DVDs.

To make USB sticks compatible with TVs and computers videos over 2 hours are split into 2 files.


Each DVD comes in a free DVD library case and includes a free title printed on disc. Some cases are multi-disc cases.
Customised case inserts are available. The cost depends on what you require. USB sticks come in a plastic USB case.

NTSC tapes

We can also convert tapes recorded in the American format NTSC for no extra cost